Gérald magnétiseur
Gérald magnétiseur
Remember what we work for.
 Welcome to my site dedicated to magnetism and sophromagnétisation, you will find through these pages a wealth of information on the practice of magnetism and its benefits. You will have the opportunity to inform you before making an appointment at my office or at your home. To magnetize is to offer others a vital force and to make use of energies to flourish and radiate. A session of magnetism and sophromagnetism can help you to eliminate your stress, your anxieties, a depressive state, to establish or restore self-confidence, to dispel pain, enuresis, addictions, obesity ... being not exhaustive. My practice is located in Saint-Dié-des-Vosges des Vosges. For people who can not move, I travel home on weekends by appointment. 

A delicate situation, a heavy or unhealthy place? I can soothe certain situations and clean up a place. Your pet is suffering or anxious? I also magnetize animals. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want more information.

My services
Magnetism session 40 euros. Session sophromagnétisation 60 euros. Distance magnetization session 40 euros Home travel; additional 20 euros

Make an appointment
Monday to Sunday from 8h to 19h My office is located 6 rue Jean Gazin in Saint-die des Vosges (88100) 30 minutes and 1 hour for a session of sophromagnétisation
who am I?
Gerald, magnetizer, native of Lorraine (Great-East), I put my gift and care by magnetism in the service of many people for several years. Today, I want to share more the benefits of energy, redistribute it, refocus it when necessary, to the people (or animals) who need it ...
remote magnetism
Remote magnetism can be invaluable help. This work is done with the force of thought and the help of a radionic pyramid. It is as effective a hundred meters as it is miles away ...
magnetization on animals
The magnetization on animals is practiced as on the human body, although the passes are different, the energy remains the same. The energy must be redistributed and refocused if necessary ...
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Tél : 07 82 30 96 69

6 avenue rue Jean Gazin
88100 Saint-Dié  FRANCE