Remote magnetization
Remote magnetization
For remote magnetization, in addition to the strength of my thought, I use a pyramid, a radionic form that emits waves and thus enhances the action of energies. The carrier wave must have a message to transmit, this message is the one that I mentally express in a very strong way before the transcribe by a formula on a white paper in Indian ink. I finish by expressing my will aloud before writing and confiding this message possibly accompanied by a photo or an object to the device. & Nbsp; Magnetism spirit at a distance allows an energetic rebalancing, a cleaning of the impurtés, negative waves, for a person, a place or even a particular situation (dispute, separation etc.)

Remote magnetization: Remote magnetism can be invaluable help. This work is done with the force of thought and using a radionic pyramid
It is as effective at a hundred meters as at a thousand kilometers On my pyramid are represented the four elements, fire, air, water and earth, colors. Their vibrations are thus added.
Yellow represents the light, the sun, the coagulated energy trapped in matter.
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