About me
About me
Gerald, magnetizer, native of Lorraine (Great-East), I put my gift and care by magnetism in the service of many people for several years. Today, I want to share more the benefits of energy, redistribute it, refocus it when necessary, to the people (or animals) who need it, to dispel a delicate situation or clean up a place. My practice is located in Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, I practice alone in a framework and a pleasant atmosphere. A magnetization session lasts an average of 20 minutes. 30 minutes the first session for a contact with the patient. The sessions are spaced according to the pathologies, for a maximum of 3 to 6 weekly or monthly sessions for ailments to treat. After the first session, you should already get good results. However, I specify that I am a magnetizer and not a doctor, which is why I ask patients never to stop medical treatment and to continue to consult it as necessary. In no case I will substitute for a doctor, besides I do not pretend to be. That's why from the first consultation, I fill out with the patient a form to know his medical history, possible addictions. Then we sign together a charter of trust. I start a magnetization session by making contact with the patient, sitting face to face on a seat, the patient stands straight, eyes closed, feet flat on the floor, hands on their knees. I put my hands on hers and focus only on the solar plexus, while the patient focuses solely on the music. This step is important before making the saturating slow passes, fast or "dégageantes", longitudinal with large current or small current. The patient is lying on a massage table, or sitting, according to the diagnosed ailments. Hands presented at a distance from the skin can detect, calm, excite, energize, magnetize. It is important to know that one ailment can hide another, so do not focus on one diagnosis. During a magnetization, it is possible to discover which existential cause is likely to be at the origin of a disease. I can also determine if there is an environmental nuisance: underground watercourse, old cemetery, etc.
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Tél : 07 82 30 96 62

 6 rue Jean Gazin
88100 Saint-dié des Vosges